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Tu Tu Para Mi
#17 in Latin SongVault Certified
Tu Tu Para Mi
Latin Pop
Length: 3:47
On Network Since Jan 21, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist Paradise

New York
New York, United States

Latin Pop / Latin Rap / HipHop

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Very rarely do you come across an Artist who crosses a multitude of styles with class, conviction and bravado as Paradise.
She writes, produces and sings her own songs. Performing in English, Spanish and Five other languages, a true threat to every genre of music that she effortlessly crosses.
Whether it’s R&B, Hip-Hop, Latin or Dance she is a savior of sorts breathing life back into a stale and stagnant industry. Armed with talent, a microphone and just the right amount of sexy Latina fire and desire to conquer the world. Flooding the underground and rising into the mainstream is the plan. An impressive performance list is as follows; check off Vegas, Montreal, England, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Korea and Japan. Then you have the club scene L.A.NYC, Miami, Boston and The UK Mayfair District, already have her booming thru their clubs sound system.
Hear her sing a ballad with warmth and sincerity while leaving it dripping with sensuality. But don’t be fooled she’s just as capable to get heads bouncing in the roughest and toughest spots spiting rhymes with the best of them. Ask for a little Dancehall, Reggaeton or Salsa considerate it done; it all seems like second nature! Paradise is truly an artist who owns the” something for everyone” title. She has shared the stage with everyone from Marc Anthony to Fat Joe.
Hard, Soft, Beautiful and Tough all rolled into one. Now go listen, love, dance, and move and live! That is Paradise.

Chivon M. Thornhill
Office: 917-805-7883
Mobile: 917-807-8884
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