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Fuckin Wit Feelins
Length: 4:29
On Network Since Dec 21, 2017
Patrice Lee
Patrice Lee

CA, United States

Soul / Urban

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Singer/Songwriter Patrice Lee is a Southern California native. This Renaissance woman is as diverse as her professional and personal background. Lee’s life story is a cross between Lee’s favorite movie “The Wiz” and Whitney Houston’s swan song, “Sparkle”. Reminiscent of the classic rags to riches tale, Lee’s indomitable spirit has been tried and tested. Patrice Lee penned hooks for upcoming rappers throughout the years as well as Ghost Writing for other artists.
Following a successful mixtape “Stand Alone” on, Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, and others released in February 2014, gracing the stage throughout Southern California and featuring on multiple projects with upcoming artists, Slim 400-“Just For You”- (Produced by Ric Rude), Hunyae, Big2daBoy, and Mrs. Black Dyamond. Lee began creating a buzz in the industry when she released music videos on her Official Patrice Lee Youtube Music Channel, Pandora, iTunes, and Spotify, rounding out 2016 on Apple Music and a fast climb with the release of “Fuckin Wit Feelins” via Soundcloud reaching over 7k in 3 months of its release.
Ms. Lee spent 2017 writing and recording her Official Album “Fuckin Wit Feelins” a mid- tempo, relaxed palette of smooth vocals. Patrice Lee tore pages out of her personal life to pen tracks such as “Good Enough”, “Liberation” and “I”. Completing the album with Music Producer Hitman Beatz from Las Vegas with a classic Southern Cali track titled “64”. Ms. Lee’s music is reminiscent of the early 90’s R&B with an edge of uncensored honesty. A true R&B vocalist with a undeniable stage presence and pure talent in music.
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