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All Songs Banana Pudding EP
#666 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Banana Pudding EP
Modern Rock
Length: 3:37
On Network Since Mar 9, 2008
Phat Munky
SongVault Certified Artist Phat Munky

South Florida
Florida, United States

Modern Rock / Hard Rock

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Phat Munky is a local band from the South Florida area that have been "wowing" audiences since they came on the scene. Phat Munky's style is so unique, they have coined the phrase funkamooshrock to describe their unique blend of funk, soul, and rock. You'll hear a mixture of covers, originals, and on the spot jams that other bands wouldn't dare to do simply because they pale in comparison to the awesomeness that is Phat Munky and Funkamooshrock!

Phat Munky defy the laws of music with their own style and unique jamming ability. Vinny D. is without a doubt the best vocalist you will see in the South Florida area. Brian Hawker brings the funk and the noise in his guitar playing. David Carrey's amazing bass lines make everyone get up and dance. And Dr. Dave's drum ability is something you have to see to believe. Anyone within earshot of a Phat Munky performance will be dancing nonstop to the groovin' sounds of the Munky. No matter where they play, fans are sure to be left in awe after a performance by Phat Munky.
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