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All Songs My blessing - My curse
Broken in two
#114 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Broken in two
My blessing - My curse
Modern Rock
Length: 3:47
On Network Since Aug 19, 2009
Prelude to June
SongVault Certified Artist Prelude to June

NW, South Africa

Modern Rock

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Hailing from South Africa this hard working band have achieved substantial success as an independent band. Their first Ep “Happy family” was well received with play listings on various radio stations across South Africa and exposure internationally in countries like Canada, Jamaica, England, Russia ect. They have also had extensive television and media exposure nationally and shared the stage with many great bands including South African legends Saron Gas (Seether). “Broken in two” is the first single off Prelude to June’s upcoming full length album called My blessing – My curse. Expressive, moody and well written songs can be expected with real modern rock flair and arrangements.
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