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All Songs Young Fii - Sinned and Forgiven
 Young Fii - Never Can Replace Ya Mom
#208 in Christian SongVault Certified
Young Fii - Never Can Replace Ya Mom
Young Fii - Sinned and Forgiven
Christian HipHop / Rap
Length: 5:07
On Network Since Mar 2, 2009
Rap Artist - Young Fii
SongVault Certified Artist Rap Artist - Young Fii

winter haven
Florida, United States

Christian HipHop / Rap / Christian HipHop / Rap

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I'm an rap artist working hard to produce my first album, and Hope to meet alot of people and recieve alot of fans doing so, and please God in the process.

I'm looking forward to doing big things one day, and actually get the chance to meet some of my fans in person once i start doing concerts again.

Until then, I pray you all bare with me and support in all and any way possible.Because, believe it or not your love and help is crutel and means a whole lot to me and any other rap artist like me, or artist period.

Right now I am promoting my very first single off my album "Final Destination" which i have for sale on my Myspace page .So if you wish to hear from me in the future, it would be a blessing if you told your friends about me and offer to buy a couple copies of my music...It will help me get better equipment and deliver my voice the way it was meant to be heard.."Studio Quality"..LOL..

God Bless and Everyone have an nice day,
Young Fii - The Best in Independent Music
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