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All Songs We Belong In The Sea
Injecting Chemicals Into The Eyes Of God
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Injecting Chemicals Into The Eyes Of God
We Belong In The Sea
Indie Rock
Length: 3:17
On Network Since Mar 4, 2009
Red Paintings
SongVault Certified Artist Red Paintings

Brisbane, Australia

Indie Rock

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The Red Paintings are an orchestral art rock band from Brisbane, Australia. The band consists of Song writer Trash McSweeney on lead vocals, guitar, sequencing and samples; Ellen Stancombe (violin, vocals); Mike Langdale (bass), Andy Davis (drums) and David Sue Yek (Cello).

The band is well known for their unique and confronting live performances, in which the band members dress in elaborate costumes including Japanese Geisha Outfits. They often invite members of the audience or research local painters to paint on blank canvasses or human canvases during their shows, and consider each gig an experiment as well as a musical performance.

To-date the band have toured the globe with Boston duo "The Dresden Dolls", Australian Tour with Scottish Prog rockers "Mogwai" & Australian Tour with USA artist "Saul Williams". The band have released a hand full of EP's In Australia and gained high rotation on major radio and TV networks with popular songs such as Walls, Madworld & We belong in the sea just to name a few.

On June 25 2007, on the band's official MySpace profile, they posted a blog announcing they have plans to make a highly anticipated debut album titled 'The Revolution Is Never Coming'. They asked fans if they could donate $40 or more to help raise $40,000 so they could begin recording. Donors get credit on the new albums artwork if they donate a minimum of $40 and receive a copy of the new album sent to them anywhere in the world. The band's loyal fan base ultimately raised the required capital and The Red Paintings began recording at Alchemix studios in Brisbane in October 2007. The album to-date has been produced in Australia & mixed in Los Angeles & Winnipeg, Canada.

The band have also created regular 'theme' shows, such as the 2005 The Nightmare Before Christmas show where the stage was covered in sets harking from Tim Burton films. Other theme shows the band have created include Andy Warhol, Mark Ryden, Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, "Destroy The Robots" trilogy tour and street marches, the "Animal Rebellion" tour and street marches and the 2008 USA and Australia "We belong in the sea" tour and stage show, which saw front man Trash dressed as King Neptune.

Song writer "Trash Mcsweeney" is also an advocate for animal rights and completed and organised an historic event in November 2008. A benefit show for the controversial Sea Shepherd conservation society, to help raise awareness and stop whale slaughtering. The event was filmed by "Animal Planet" for an upcoming episode on their most popular series "Whale Wars".

The bands debut album "The Revolution Is Never Coming" anticipated music videos are slated for a release in the US in 2009 to coincide with a world tour and stage show dedicated to the albums theme.
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