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All Songs HOT DATE N-TYME Private Collections Series 1
Love Song Nate P
#106 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Love Song Nate P
Private Collections Series 1
Length: 3:27
On Network Since Jan 18, 2010
You Got To Pray
#503 in Christian SongVault Certified
You Got To Pray
Christian Urban / R&B
Length: 3:32
On Network Since Dec 11, 2007
WacKa Java
#20 in Jazz SongVault Showcase
WacKa Java
Smooth Jazz
Length: 4:43
On Network Since Nov 8, 2009
Think I'm Going Out of My Head
#24 in Jazz SongVault Auditions
Think I'm Going Out of My Head
Length: 5:31
On Network Since Jul 3, 2020
(3) Single Songs Promo
#25 in Jazz SongVault Auditions
(3) Single Songs Promo
Length: 1:39
On Network Since Sep 22, 2020
Samille Johnson
SongVault Certified Artist Samille Johnson

California, United States

Jazz / Smooth Jazz

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About The Artist Simply Samille:

Samille Johnson is a music composer,arranger ,producer & audio engineering graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Art's & Sciences based in Tempe Arizona.

Currently my residing base is in the Southern California area and I am writing and producing for multiple artist all over California.

I am primarily into all kinds of music but prefer to concentrate on extremely Contemporary Christian Music, & Smooth Jazz.

I am here to share the good news of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ through song, share some of my Smooth Jazz Traxx with you because the Lord loves good music too,,,, and hopefully make some friends along the journey.

Enough about me it would take a while to tell it all.
Thank you for having me here and for visiting If by chance you are listening to some of my selections from whatever genre. ENJOY!!!!!!!! - The Best in Independent Music
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