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All Songs Light Up The World
Light Up The World
#450 in Christian SongVault Certified
Light Up The World
Light Up The World
Christian Pop / Rock
Length: 4:16
On Network Since May 3, 2013
Stacie Lynn
SongVault Certified Artist Stacie Lynn

Michigan, United States

Christian Pop / Rock / Christian Urban / R&B

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Stacie Lynn was born and raised in Detroit, MI, The City of music itself! She quickly developed a passion for music, with inspiration from Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston having huge impact on her. She and her family attended the Church and God In Christ until she was ten years old, and that is when her mother began to fully understand the gift that God had placed in her. Stacie Lynn experimented with many instruments growing up, all the while being the instrument herself. As a teenager Stacie Lynn made the choice of attending a Ministry that she felt was best for her spiritual development, and she was right. She often wrote songs and sang them for family members, for constructive criticism, she knew her family would be honest. Stacie Lynn began Singing with The choir of her church and soon auditioned for the Praise Team. She felt right at home as a praise and worship singer, she loves to worship, and specifically in song. Stacie Lynn met and Later married Music Producer Kevin Davis, who was also the Minister of music at the church. Through prayer and word confirmation Stacie Lynn always knew where God wanted to take her in the Ministry of music. So she and her husband began recording her songs and she, singing at churches. Stacie Lynn's goal is to write music that will reach any audience, young or old, Believer or non-Believer. With her ultimate purpose in mind, that every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
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