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When We Meet Again
Modern Rock
Length: 3:35
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Static Cycle
SongVault Certified Artist Static Cycle

Alaska, United States

Modern Rock / Alternative

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On rare occasions when individual artists join forces, their respective contributions and talents combine to create a unique energy that can push musical limits and possibilities. So it is with Static Cycle. When vocalist Jared Navarre and guitarist Josh Witham met in the fall of 2005 they quickly recognized a synergistic energy. The ensuing exchange of ideas led to an intentional pursuit and development of their style. Meeting on a weekly basis for the better part of two years they worked hard to create the material for their debut release When We Meet Again on Resonus Records. Completing the bands distinctive and infectious sound with the addition of drummer Dennis Smith Static Cycle was born.

In early 2008 the band spent two months in the studio with Producer/Engineer Mike Brown (Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Garbage) capturing their innovative and gripping style. Influenced by bands such as Breaking Benjamin, Foo Fighters, Chevelle and Linkin Park, Static Cycle combines edgy guitar licks, insistent rhythms and vicious vocals to create a truly compelling sound. That sound, combined with their commanding stage presence and a dedication and quiet determination that few young bands possess, places Static Cycle at a pivotal point in their career.

Jared Navarre - Vox & Rhythm Guitar
24 year old Navarre has been performing professionally on voice and guitar for 14 years. As the principal lyricist and melodic writer for the trio, Jared takes his job seriously. His vocal lines can go from smoldering to fiery in a flash, and his sophisticated use of dynamics to reel in the listener is a fresh sound in the contemporary rock scene. With his previous band Crail, he won the Rock Category at the 2004 annual Alaska Song of the Year contest and brought the house down at the concert that year.

Josh Witham - Lead Guitar
For more than half of his 28 years Witham has working toward the stylistic mastery he brings to the guitar parts of Static Cycle. Previously with the cult phenomenon Grain, his work in the Kansas and Alaska music scenes has not gone unnoticed. His edgy guitar lines can stand on their own and his understanding of space within a line gives Static Cycle the perfect blend of simplicity and complexity that completes their urgent sound.

Dennis Smith - Drums
Behind one set of drums or another for most of his 23 years, Smith is a versatile and accomplished rhythmist. A popular and much sought-after statewide player, he has played everything from metal to blues licks behind many of Alaska’s most successful bands. His syncretism of rock and hip-hop styles underpins and propels the rest of the sound and allows it to soar.

When We Meet Again (Copyright 2008 Resonus Records)
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