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Kick It On down
#11 in Rock SongVault Certified
Kick It On down
Rock & Roll
Length: 2:33
On Network Since Jul 8, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist SuperstacK

Ontario, Canada

Rock & Roll / Jam Bands

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Harkening back to the days of soulful Rock N Roll, vinyl records, phsycadelia, and Woodstock, one can’t help but be swept away by the zeitgeist of those times. This Is the SuperstacK, sound.
Singer Scott Donnelly taking influence from none other that Steve Marriott of The Small Faces, Bassist Greg Mihajic, borrowing from Cream’s Jack Bruce, and drummer Brian Lahaie keeping his ears tuned to Keith Moon. This of course is a simplified observation.
SuperstacK is quickly garnering a reputation amongst fans, fellow musicians and industry people, as a band not to miss. They have also earned the respect to share the stage with fellow Canadian Rockers “The Trews” Touring internationally and a myspace page that boasts 107 999 total plays to date. SuperstacK has built a solid foundation of fans of all ages across the USA and Canada. Simply put the SuperstacK Fever IS Spreading.
The summer of 2007 took SuperstacK on an international tour to promote their debut self titled album, through Canada and the USA, hitting such notable cities as New York Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, and Calgary.
The Stack’s vintage brand of “real rock” unprocessed and honest, is aiding in the rebirth of rock n roll. SuperstacK is Revolution,,,,,,, Rock N Roll Revolution!
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