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It Cuts Like a Knife
#160 in Folk SongVault Certified
It Cuts Like a Knife
Old Becomes New
Alternative Folk
Length: 4:22
On Network Since Feb 17, 2010
T Dawn
SongVault Certified Artist T Dawn

Wine Country
California, United States

Indie Rock / Adult Alternative

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T Dawn’s passion for music began in Ohio at an early age. Her parents encouraged her interest, providing her with guitars, drums, horns, whatever she requested. She quickly learned how to play each of them but still felt like she hadn’t found the one instrument that resounded with her.

Then one day she found herself alone in her church’s sanctuary, eyeing the grand piano on stage. Her tentative playing was shocking to her ears: “I immediately felt the music from head to toe.” That day she went home and told her family her discovery. She had found the instrument that spoke to her.

Now living amongst beautiful vineyards in California, T Dawn’s relationship with music has expanded in ways she never dreamed of all those years ago. What once was a hobby and emotional outlet has become much more than simply a project of passion.

The transition happened when her father passed away in February of 2009. Prior to his death, T Dawn was primarily an instrumental artist, burning cd copies for friends and releasing her beautiful ambient tracks online to a steadily growing fanbase. Her father’s passing inspired her to write the song “Mental Breakdown,” which for the first time featured T Dawn using a new instrument, her voice. “My father had always encouraged me to sing but I didn’t think I was good enough. I feel like he helped me write that song.”

“Mental Breakdown” and the story behind it immediately connected with her fans, especially on, where she shot into the Top 10 Artist chart for more than 3 months.

Today T Dawn writes regularly, using her voice along with all the other wonderful instruments that have traveled through time with her. T Dawn pursues her music with a new awareness, one that she continues to share through licensing opportunities, sales of her music, and even live performances.
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