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Dumb Boy
#170 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Dumb Boy
Telling on Trixie
Modern Rock
Length: 3:43
On Network Since Mar 1, 2007
Telling on Trixie
SongVault Certified Artist Telling on Trixie

New York
New York, United States

Modern Rock / Pop

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Telling on Trixie creates full-bodied melodic rock, deep red in color, earth-scented black cherry and berry flavored, hinting deliciously at chocolate on the smooth finish, like a South Eastern Australian Shiraz. The orchestration - rich, articulate and meaty like a 6 oz. Filet Mignon, with raw, delicious, deep-cerise vocals at the center.

The songwriting begins with a story cooked up in the minds of Nicoletto and Brad Small, and baked to perfection by their bandmates and Platinum-selling Producer Jamie Siegel (Taking Back Sunday, Joss Stone, Lauryn Hill). The album borrowed from the best: Taking Back Sunday’s Matt Rubano played bass on several songs, Dido’s John Deley played all the keys on the album and Fil Izler lent his guitar genius to all the tracks.

In 2007, Telling on Trixie is planning extensive club, festival and college bookings to promote the debut album. Thanks to the smaller radio stations like WMHB for grabbing onto our music right away and putting them into rotation even before our debut album is finished. Telling on Trixie is's January featured artist.

Our song "Dumb Boy" was recently accepted to be a part of NEMO Music Festival's Library on Extreme Sports Website "" TOT's music is in rotation on and Live 365, and our song "Orion's Light" will be a part of the Hurricane Healing Project. In 2006, TOT (aka Nicoletto) held a wildly successful fundraiser at CODA for AIDS Walk New York. TOT was presented by Creative Entertainment Group.

Now, getting personal...

Derek Nicoletto - vocals/songwriter/other antics...

Derek has been described as bringing a “Freddy Mercury vibe and a Black Crowes soul” to each performance. Derek was featured in Interview Magazine’s article entitled, “Look Who Just Got off the Bus!" In the article, Derek stated that although his first (and only at the time) gig in the city had been a Swanson Chicken jingle, he had greater plans. Derek studies with renowned vocal coach Wendy Parr. Before moving to New York, Derek traveled with rock bands and a full-brass blues band based in based in Chicago, as well as the R&B/Motown Soul revue from Indiana University. Derek is a graduate of The Second City School of Improv in Chicago, a talent he incorporates into his performances today.

Brad Small - guitar/songwriter
Brad Small has a knack for infusing imaginative hooks and inventive chord progressions to generate rock songs with elements of funk. He loves his Singaporean wife, who secretly loves Derek.

Matt Aronoff - bass
Other than TOT, past performances/recordings include: Sandra Bernhard, "Everything Bad and Beautiful", Peter Eldridge (New York Voices), Clarence Penn (Micheal Brecker, Luciana Souza, Dave Douglas), Kendrick Scott (Terence Blanchard, John Patitucci), Ladell Mclin (Gigantic Records) and The Big Apple Circus. Matt Aronoff endorses F-Clef basses and David Eden amplifiers.
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