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We Like War
#203 in Folk SongVault Certified
We Like War
Alternative Folk
Length: 2:59
On Network Since Mar 18, 2011
The Kids Are Coming
#204 in Folk SongVault Certified
The Kids Are Coming
Alternative Folk
Length: 4:14
On Network Since Mar 18, 2011
The Bon Scotts
SongVault Certified Artist The Bon Scotts

Victoria, Australia

Indie Rock / Folk

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Melbourne septet The Bon Scotts are not an AC/DC covers band but a bittersweet mix of playful melodies, arresting percussion and sing-along choruses.

The Bon Scotts defy notions of plain and normal, melding traditional folk instruments with an endearing and satirical voice. Laced with irony and hype, their unconventional hooks and distinct sound have put them at the forefront of the new folk revival. This eclectic mix of sounds and stories mean those toe tapping on the side to those dancing their hearts out will be entertained to no end. They give their all on stage, from the loud clatter of heavy percussion to the soft final note of the violin.

In August 2010 The Bon Scotts released their debut album ODDERNITY with Popboomerang Records to critical acclaim. This release was supported by a thorough tour of Australia and many misadventures. From sell out crowds in Melbourne and Sydney to emergency house parties in the Blue Mountains, The Bon Scotts have played everywhere.

In early 2011 they supported international acts Tom Fun Orchestra and Stornoway, entertained endless crowds at the St Kilda Festival and received an amazing reception from numerous performances at Port Fairy Folk Festival.

In addition to a hectic year they have been awarded the Australia Council for the Arts Grant for New Work (in music) and the Arts Victoria Grant for Presentation and Promotion. These are going towards writing songs for the new album and then to promoting an Australian tour in late 2011.

"It’s hard to put a finger on The Bon Scotts, there is no box quite big enough nor any genre so wide as to contain them."

– Neon Hearts

"Animated and outrageous they paint the atmosphere with electricity and ‘youthful, unfiltered charm’"

– Mess & Noise
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