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Music Video - Darlin' I Won't Be Here Waiting
#89 in Country SongVault Certified
Music Video - Darlin' I Won't Be Here Waiting
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Length: 3:36
On Network Since Aug 22, 2012
You and Me (Happy!)
#20 in Jazz SongVault Finals
You and Me (Happy!)
Length: 3:38
On Network Since Aug 22, 2012
I'll Be Your Road - Demo
#23 in Folk SongVault Finals
I'll Be Your Road - Demo
New Acoustic
Length: 3:43
On Network Since Aug 21, 2012
The Country Mourns
SongVault Certified Artist The Country Mourns

San Francisco
California, United States

Americana / Indie Pop

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The Country Mourns are an Indie/Americana fiddle & guitar duo featuring Jody Richardson's dynamic vocals and Misisipi Mike Wolf's witty & wistful songwriting. A mix of various 20th century music styles in a sweet and endearing package, equal parts Ella & Satchmo, Gillian & David, and Loretta & Conway.

The Country Mourns have 15 songs that belong to you and nobody else but you! Help us get them ready for you to take home and love forever.

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More about us:
Misisipi Mike Wolf is an internationally touring singer/songwriter and band leader known for his infectious melodies, clever lyrical content and toe tapping rhythms. His songs have been featured on HBO's "True Blood", Fx's "Justified", Showtime's "Big Love" as well as network television in the US, Canada and the UK. His live show and his studio albums have been on several end of year top ten lists and best of lists, and he was named "Best Singer Songwriter" by the SF Bay Guardian and "Favorite Musician" by the SF Chronicle. After five years of leading a six piece band in both the US and Europe, Mike is excited to have discovered Ms. Jody Richardson and to embark on a new sweetheart duo with this new, dynamic performer.

Jody Richardson is a recent graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music and holds a masters in Arts in Education from Harvard University. A San Francisco native, Jody grew up on the stage as both a dancer and a musician/singer and has studied classical forms and improvisational styles from around the world. She has only recently arrived on the Americana scene, but Jody has become an instant sensation in the Bay Area for her fiddle, her authentic vocal style and her wonderful stage presence.

Jody had long been a fan of Misisipi Mike's band, the Midnight Gamblers, but the idea of attempting a new project was born on a night when Jody's group opened up for the MGs. What was backstage talk quickly became reality and within two months The Country Mourns had started a buzz, were in demand from the top venues in San Francisco and gathering fans before they ever took the stage.

The Country Mourns were born on the Fourth of July, 2012 with a set of all original music. Equal parts Loretta and Conway, Ella and Satchmo, and David Rawlings and Gillian Welch, yet completely unique to their own personality and sound, the excitement around The Country Mourns is akin to a California wild fire. Gig offers have already come in from as far as the UK and Germany and their home videos are on the verge of going viral. The live show runs the gamut from danceable honkytonk, Gothic country and swing tempo love songs. They fit on any stage and win over nearly every audience.

The Mourns will be in the studio in August and Sept. 2012. They are working on a distribution deal for their future releases and are published in part by LoveCat Music (NYC).
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