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Our last day
#622 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Our last day
The Disenchantment Project
Indie Rock
Length: 3:51
On Network Since Jun 7, 2007
The Disenchantment Project
SongVault Certified Artist The Disenchantment Project

NSW, Australia

Alternative / Indie Rock

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The Disenchantment Project is an independent music project from the outer western areas of Sydney. The project comprises the creative minds of Jeremy Brown and Trevor Wood, who after years of working together in various bands together, decided to do their own work, in a style of their own. The music is a passionate and epic mix of various elements including indie, power-pop, melodic hardcore, ambient alternative and straight hard rock. They are now in the progress of completing there first LP which is due for release soon. This LP is being produced completely from a Jeremy’s home studio in the upper blue-mountains and is totally self funded. Disenchantment is only about the sentiment and love of music, apart from major labels and producers. Disenchantment is something that definitely has to be heard and experienced.
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