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Purple Girlfriend
Garage Rock
Length: 3:21
On Network Since Nov 15, 2007
The Goldstars
SongVault Certified Artist The Goldstars

Illinois, United States

Garage Rock / Rock & Roll

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They make there roaring return to the record rack with the release of their second long-player, "Purple Girlfriend" (Pravda). This ten-song set not only confirms the band's considerable skills as purveyors of hard-hitting blasts of lusty rock, but also sees the foursome raising the stakes musically.

Having honed their act through tireless performances and ample roadwork, "Purple Girlfriend" finds The Goldstars at the top of their musical game. Bassist and vocalist Sal is at his primal, swaggering best on revved-up cuts like "DMV" and "All About You" as well as their slash and burn cover of The Sparkles' classic "No Friend of Mine". Goodtime's drums tumble like runaway thunder on crucial cuts like the tremolo-soaked "One Plus One" and Sal's hilariously bitter "Angry Eyes".

Guitarist Dag Juhlin steps up to the microphone for a pair of numbers, the caffeinated Stones riff-o-rama of "Fire" and the album's most blatant and engaging musical departure, the muscular West Coast psychedelia of "Go Baby Go". And his moaning guitar squall adds a suitably nightmarish accent to the instrumental title track. Through it all is the amped-up keyboard work of band co-founder Skipper. Whether he's rolling through a nasty, Farfisa-laden blues solo in "Always Late" or channeling an after-hours Ramsey Lewis in the band's stunning reworking of the Mel Torme-sung chestnut, "Comin' Home Baby" it's Skipper's handiwork that adds the right touch of garage grit to every track.

Loud and fast, though loaded with subtle extras and bona fide world-class musicianship, "Purple Girlfriend" delivers a welcome jolt of straight ahead rock and roll that goes for the throat like a cold Pabst in a smoky club. Ladies and gentlemen, The Goldstars are back.
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