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Good Luck
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Good Luck
Modern Rock
Length: 4:59
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The Slack
SongVault Certified Artist The Slack

TX, 75226

Modern Rock / Adult Contemporary

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Dallas-based singer/songwriter/musician Chris Holt has been writing and recording his own music for more than a decade. Beginning with his passion for playing guitar while in his teens, Holt spent his 20ís becoming a gifted multi-instrumentalist, and working with a wide variety of regionally successful bands, including Walter Mitty, Hard Nightís Day, and Olospo.

After more than a decade of live gigs with nearly twenty different bands, five album releases, and several stints of professional touring with Olospo, Holt was named the Dallas Observerís Musician Of The Year in both 2005 and 2006, as well as Instrumentalist Of The Year in 2006. His debut solo album, the self-produced and performed Summer Reverb, was released in May 2005, with a re-release in January of 2007.

Holt has shared the stage with everyone from Bob Schneider to The Gourds to The Flaming Lips, and has been featured in several festivals, including the prestigious Austin City Limits Music Festival and Xingolati Ė The Groove Cruise Of The Pacific. Holt currently plays with a variety of musical projects, including Sorta, Olospo, Salim Nourallah, and The Jones Thing, as well as participating in session work with Rhett Miller, Micah P. Hinson, Here In Arms, Jayson Bales, Scott Blasey, J.D. Whittenberg, Bigloo, and John Kenny.

In February 2007, Chris Holt and Eric Neal resurrected The Slack with drummer Tom Bridwell and keyboardist Steven Luthye. Bassist David DeShazo joined in March of '07 as the band expanded to a five-piece. The Slack has two full-length albums set for release in 2007 - "Summer Reverb" (a Holt/Bridwell album that was originally released in 2005), and the brand new "Wishful Sinking", featuring all five members.
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