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Queen of the Mtn Cottage Trilogy by Audio Advocate
#336 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Queen of the Mtn Cottage Trilogy by Audio Advocate
QotMC Trilogy
Adult Alternative
Length: 15:35
On Network Since Jun 22, 2011
SongVault Certified Artist TNTGIGZ

Los Angeles
California, United States

Adult Alternative / Rock

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I am Teva Teebrook, a Music Manager to several Artists, and owner of TNTGIGZ.
I also do Independent Contracting online for you or your business. Here are some Admin duties I offer:

Enter metadata wherever needed
Download, organize and distribute music
Assist in finding new placements
Maintain credits on IMDb, or any other related site
Run websites/Moderate
Proofread any/all copy before publishing
Edit copy
Write copy
Write Bios/Onesheets
Create and maintain spreadsheets with various data
Screen/answer email
Research legalities
Assist with copyrighting and registering process
Schedule appointments
Keep up calendar (I use Google calendar)

And so much more!

Very reasonable me here or for more info!
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